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Fast Oral Cancer Facts:

  • Over 53,000 new cases of oral or oropharyngeal cancer projected for 2021
    HPV vaccine decreases the risk!
    Early detection is important. The overall 5-year survival rate is 66.2%

  • The annual death rate is 10,750 (projected 2020)
    Oral and oropharyngeal cancer account for 2.9% of cancers each year in the U.S

  • Risk factors are: HPV, smoking, alcohol, smokeless tobacco, male gender, age

How do you self screen?

  • Dentists have extensive training and experience in screening patients for oral cancer.

  • Self screening for oral cancer is very challenging because without the appropriate lighting and tools, the back of your tongue and roof of your mouth are hard to see.

  • When performing this screening, look carefully for any unusual areas, red and white areas, bumps, ulcers, or dark spots (like a mole).

  • Your tongue may feel fatter or there is a lump on the tongue

  • You may experience difficulty swallowing or feel a lump in or around your neck IF YOU FEEL OR SEE ANYTHING UNUSUAL, GIVE YOUR DENTIST A CALL!

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